Change your Exercise – Change your Brain


What if it’s true? The fountain of youth is exercise?

What does the research say about exercise and the brain:


  • Cognitive abilities are best in those who exercise
  • Brain blood flow is improved
  • It improves oxygen levels and glucose supply
  • Increases DNA cell repair
  • Protects the brain against things that hurt it such as:
  1. Free Radicals (unstable molecules that damage cells and contribute to aging and disease)
  2. High glucose levels (sugar)
  3. High glutamate levels (salt)

How can exercise help change your brain: womensneakerschange

  • After 70 years of age, memory and other cognitive abilities are less likely to be impaired
  • Improves brain metabolism of cholesterol and other lipids
  • Improves insulin ability to regulate glucose
  • Neuron response to stress is improved (especially in the hippocampus (memory, emotions and motivation))
  • Tone in the blood vessels is improved because Nitric Oxide is enhanced (Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule in the body that tells the blood vessels to expand, allowing more blood and oxygen to flow to the organs and tissues).
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Increases insulin sensitivity
  • Helps reverse insulin resistance
  • Helps with hypertension (blood pressure)

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If it doesn’t challenge you – It doesn’t change you