Counseling vs Coaching

We’ve had questions in the past that have suggested that there are more than a few people who are seeking counseling, but aren’t sure on what steps to take. This blog post is designed to help explain the differences between both counseling and coaching in hopes of helping you to identify which service would best fit your needs. Both counseling and coaching are important in bringing transformational life changes to the client however, they are not the same. Let’s look at the differences:

What is Christian Counseling?

  • Counseling usually involves some area of disorder, pathology, or dysfunction that essentially disables the counselee in one or more areas of life.
  • The counselor tends to set the agenda and plan for counseling.
  • Counseling is more focused on solving painful problems from the past.
  • It seeks relief and healing through a process of recovery.
  • Helps build techniques and coping skills to stabilize life.
  • Develops healthy emotions and relationships.

What is Christian Coaching?

  • Coaching forms a partnership that seeks to empower and equip people.
    Individuals are essentially healthy and able to work with the coach to develop a plan for growth.
  • Individuals usually set their own agenda and their own goals.
  • Coaching is more about finding ways to reach your maximum  potential.
  • It motivates change, action, growth and achieving results.
  • Helps strategize ways effective in maximizing life.
  • Builds healthy patterns with accountability in power & success.

If you still aren’t sure what service suits you best, please feel free to contact us.  You can do so by visiting our contact page.

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