RECOVERY by Brooke McCollum


Life is not as easy as it seemed

And the weight of this world has me

Crying on my knees.

A weight so heavy there feels like no escaping.

Questions that haunt and tear me apart in my head.

Why do I not love myself?

But there’s a good, good Father and He tells me:


My darling, can’t you see?

I am here with you, so come be free with me.

Come find my peace.

Come running to my arms.

I knew you before you were born.

I chose you through marvelous grace.

Come be free.

No looking back.

You are my beloved.

Come and be free with me.


And I sit here crying but I know He hears me

Because tears are prayers when you cannot find the words to speak.

My God is with me like a mighty warrior

And I no longer have to be afraid.

I choose to be a warrior,

Not a worrier because

I am His and He is mine.

You have promised me to bring

Victory over worry.

You are more than

Any mistake I have ever made.

I am searching to find a recovery.

My recovery is found in You.


You are here with me.

You love me every day.

I am free, and

My father knows me by my name.

I am running to your arms,

No looking back.

Your reckless grace is

My greatest hope.

I want to be buried in Your grace,

Because there is no greater place.

Help me to hold myself accountable to a standard of

Grace and not perfection.

When days grow dark and weary

I will trust in You.

I no longer have to feel





Or insecure.

You are my security.

There is no else but You.

The world is grabbing at my feet,

But the chains are nowhere near as strong

Compared to You.

My shame tells me I am flawed and undeserving,

But my Father’s grace tells me although I am flawed,

I am forgiven and

I am cherished.

And perfect love casts out all fear,

No one can touch me now.

My God is for me,

No one can stand against me.

You are my recovery.


The journey is long and hard but

The God of Heaven is faithful

And there has not been a single day

That I have been alone.

I choose to accept my inevitable flaws

Because being beautiful is not defined by others.

Beauty is defined through the eyes of my Creator.

I choose to love myself.

I am not here because I needed another day,

I am here because someone out there needs me.

Storms don’t last forever

and although the oceans may rage

there is no being afraid.

When I was brought to my low and felt empty

You showed me that You are enough.

You are my recovery.


I am here with you.

Come to me and find your peace.

Come be free.

Come running to my arms.

I love you.

Come dance and spin around.

Come find your hope in Me.

You are beautiful.

You are the daughter of a star breather.

I know because I made you.

I will never leave you alone.

Remember to whom you belong.

Come be free.

Come find Me.

Come be free.

Come with me, my beloved.

Can’t you see?

I am your recovery.

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