Pour Yourself Out

Pour yourself outLife.  It has a lot of power, doesn’t it?  When was the last time you actually took a few moments and thought about what that word means.  Life…….what does it mean to you? To those around you? To those in your family and friend circles?  Does it share the same meaning?  Have the same value?  Resemble the same tenets of your Faith?  What does it look like?  Has it always looked the way that it does now, or has it changed?

Life has a way of extracting the breath out of us.  The condition of our current day world has a direct impact on the condition of our souls.  Thereby, it has the power to add boldness to our living or extract that boldness directly from us.  Have you thought about that?  On any typical day, what does your schedule look like, what does your home look like, your children, your marriage, your finances, your health, your friendships, your morals, your worship, quiet time, quality time?  Where do those things fall in line…….life has the power to extract the breath out of us. And, yet, we have the power to change that at any given moment, and we choose to remain silent and still.

Have you ever considered why you exist in such a time as this?  God knew when He created your being that you would walk in the latter days, that you would see the chaos, the depravity, the hatred.  He knew you would walk in the days when our Christian principles would be removed from the foundation of our American blessing, that you would live to see prayer removed, God removed, right to worship and speak the name of Jesus removed.  He knew you would live in days of abortion, gay marriage, pornography, false doctrine, war, disease, moral depravity, family separation, loss of respect for what is good, noble, moral and pure (Philippians 4:8).  He knew that.  When we cry out to God for our family, for our children, for our Nation, do we ask Him to send someone to turn that around?  OR……do we realize that He’s already done that.  He sent you. He sent me.

Do you realize that within you, as a child of God, you have the power within you to make the winds of change move in a mighty way that could cause the revival this world needs?  It is not accident that you exist in such a time as this.

It’s time we stop asking God to make us comfortable in these circumstances and ask Him to give us Courage to stand up, speak up and make change happen.

The Bible is not a recording of history as in ……….that may have happened years and years ago, but………  It is the living and breathing Word of God that has existed for years past and is walking off the pages in our lives in much the same manner as it did years ago.  God had it recorded then as a warning for us now, that this too will come to your doorstep.  It’s a manual. A tool for our families to prepare for the battle that is raging around us and yet, we don’t open it.  When we purchase something at the store and it requires direction in order to operate and function with ease, we read that don’t we? Why? Because we want to know how it will work, and what it will do for us, with the least amount of trouble.  Why then, when we have a manual for life, the Bible, are we choosing to leave it closed? Unopened and unused when it will tell us directly how things will work, what will happen, and how we can apply it make our lives more functional?

Instead, we fall victim to habits, hangups, hurts, addictions, disease of body, mind and soul and consider our hands tied.  Not true.  Life will not be what God intended it to be for you, for me, or for this world until we have the Courage and Faith that gives us the Boldness to speak up.  It’s time to stop asking God to make us comfortable in these circumstances and ask God to make us Courageous.

In Christ, we can ask Him to move the mountain for us, or we can ask Him for the strength we need to climb to the top of that mountain ourselves.

The Bible says in Acts 4:31, “When they had prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken, and all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak messages from God boldly”.

When Daniel stood in the Lion’s Den and faced the lions – he prayed God not me, you…..he poured himself out and the Holy Spirit was able to fill him. (Daniel 6).

When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego  stood in the furnace engulfed with flames – they prayed God not me, you….and poured themselves out so the Holy Spirit would walk with them and fill them. (Daniel 3).

When Joseph was sold into slavery and betrayed by his family he prayed, God not me, you….and poured himself out and the Holy Spirit filled him and blessed him. (Genesis 37).

When David faced Goliath, he prayed, God not me, you…and poured himself out and the Holy Spirit filled him with courage and boldness. (I Samuel 17).

Life will take the breath out of us if we allow it.  But if you pour yourself out and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you back up, there will no room for you to fall victim to the things that are out of control any longer.  God will empower you with the boldness to conquer anything or anyone that forms against you.

Depression – Anxiety – Addictions – Disability – Disorder – Habits – Hangups – Hurts – Abuse – Secrets – Family – Children – Marriage – Finance – Stress – Worry – Mental Health – Physical Health – Worry – Work – School – Dating – Purity – Fear – WHAT IS IT?  Pour it out. Let God pour His Spirit in.

God can give you everything you need, and more, to battle whatever it is that has found you empty. Be Blessed as you prepare to make Change happen and let God move in your life in a mighty way.