Courageous Living

Simply Christian Counseling, Inc AACC in partnership with the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and Light University,  and is proud to offer you the Courageous Living Series. Each series topic offers clinically sensitive, relevant and Christ centered insight for individuals and/or families struggling with personal or relational issues.

Please feel free to browse through the topics in this series and schedule an appointment to work through the selected topic individually in session, or book a topic for a group to walk through the session together. Each topic will offer a DVD presentation and will have informational worksheets for personal growth and reflection.

If you wish to book a topic as a group, bible study, or workshop, please book accordingly and allow one hour of time for group conversation in support of one another. All group sessions are held confidentiality and your privacy in this setting will be honored with group discretion. The material and DVD will be presented in a group setting at a designated location.

Register individually or as a group by calling 678) 920-2608 or email: [email protected]

Please note that some topics, given their nature, may be further discussed through office appointment only. All topics are not considered to replace counseling or coaching but are aids in facilitating the conversations in assisting you on your journey to healthier living.

Topics for your groups can be submitted via email to [email protected]  If you do not have a specific topic, Dr. McCollum will work with your group members to create a group setting specific to the needs of all included.