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CCRx-LogoWhat is Christian Counselor Rx?

Christian Counselor Rx is the first & largest library of Bible-based, narrator-led, Christian meditation sessions for more than 35 specific issues; each session gently leads & teaches suffering people to use God’s Word to pray & meditate for their particular areas of suffering.

There are 40 sessions in all, each approximately 30 minutes in length, and each devoted to a single issue, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self Esteem
  • Addictions
  • Stress
  • Grief
  • Anger

Each 30-minute session is comprised of professional studio produced instrumental music, along with a professional narrator who guides the listener through periods of prayer, review, praise, petition, thanksgiving, rest, and renewal.

A Christian Counselor Rx session helps the listener to relax, hear, and interact with God’s Word for their particular problem.

Christian Counselor Rx contains over 20 hours of Biblical meditation sessions that any lay or professional counselor can provide for 40 of life’s most difficult issues. Suffering people can use their prescribed session(s) anywhere, anytime – as often as they need.

How was Christian Counselor Rx created?

Soul Care Research, LLC is the developer of Christian Counselor Rx. Team members include a theologian, pastor and Christian counselors with over 110 years of collective professional counseling experience. Members carry a doctorate and master’s degrees, are classically trained in Bible, Theology, and Psychology and are associated with Christian counseling organizations.   Over 70 combined years of general pastoral counseling experience is accompanied with additional experience in institutional settings, such as Hospice, grief, trauma, disaster relief, and rape crisis clinics.

In-house professional media development allows Soul Care Research to develop a unique form of Christian “full-senses” prayer & meditation experience that is then crafted into products specifically designed to aid counselors in their work with suffering people.


Christian Counselor Rx Christian meditation sessions should always be listened to with earbuds or headphones. The sessions contain professional studio-produced soothing instrumental music and sound effects engineered with a “3D” immersive soundscape technology that creates a surround-sound environment that assists with relaxation. This music & sound effects score is then mixed with professional studio narration that leads the listener through passages of Scripture specifically selected for their problem. Additionally, the narrator gently guides the listener through counselor & pastor designed periods of prayer, praise, review, thanksgiving, rest & renewal. There is not another product produced with standards as high.

This resource is not meant to diagnose, treat, or resolve any immediate concern.  These are instructional tools to aid you in your personal growth.

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