Marriage Counseling

Marriages are all different. One thing that is similar though, is that they all go through seasons of change. Some seasons will be more simple, while others will be more challenging. Whatever season your marriage is in, counseling is a good opportunity to learn better ways of managing emotions, behaviors, and dynamics of the home.

Whether your counseling needs will focus as a general check up, or it will require a more structured and/or intense approach, your sessions will be designed to meet your specific goals as a couple and/or family.

If you are experiencing a marriage that is not safe physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually we want to ensure your safety first and foremost. To do that, we will go over some warning signs and symptoms of a toxic relationship and develop a plan that best meets your needs in securing a healthy and safe existence. Although we do not advocate for divorce, we do acknowledge that toxic and unequally yoked marriages may need a time of separation to ensure the health of the individuals involved. This is encouraged to allow a time of healing and growth that will lead to a more hope focused resolution.

Other areas that have a tendency to create conflict between husband and wife are parenting, home schedules and boundaries, values conflicts, conflict resolutions, communication and confrontation skills, and habits and hang ups that subtly create wedges between the two of you.

Whatever season your marriage is in, choosing to spend time investing in your relationship with one another produces hope. With prayer, forgiveness, reconciliation and other tools designed to help heal wounds, the momentum of your marriage can change for the better.