In-Office Counseling – Individual Adult


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We have a heart’s desire to assist you with your counseling needs and are available to financially help you meet that need.  As a non-profit pastoral counseling ministry, and to keep this ministry continuing for you and for others, we call your attention to this financial matter.

The suggested fee for private, individual counseling at this level is $90 per session.  If you have the financial resources, we would appreciate your support in meeting that rate.  Each session is forty (45) to fifty (75) minutes in length.

If however, if you do not have the resources available to afford the $90 rate, a sliding fee scale will assist us in determining a reasonable payment for each counseling session that will be more comfortable for you.  Please email or call us prior to your appointment to make this arrangement.

We will never turn away anyone due to their inability to afford support; however, we do ask you to take some time and prayerfully consider the financial commitment involved in your desire to continue with counseling.

If you have the financial resources available, please consider making a donation to help sustain this ministry and to make counseling available to another individual in their time of need.