Client Reviews

I love Dr. McCollum! She is a great clinical psychologist and an awesome pastoral counselor. Put the two together and you have the right mix of tools to make life easier. I went to her for help with one specific concern. She provided tools, homework (!) and had me ready to graduate in 4 sessions. It was so helpful I elected to dig in to another area of my life. She is very empathetic and tuned in. Knows when to offer encouragement, and when to push a little. I believe that God’s word provides all of the answers we need – it is nice to have someone who knows His word and how and when to apply it to daily life. I also appreciate her sweet prayers during our sessions and I believe she continues to pray outside of the sessions. She will not push this on you and will provide straight psychology tools if that’s what you want. Don’t wait for a crisis to go see her. – C. C.


The experience was very encouraging as Dr. McCollum was attentive and knowledgeable. She was engaging and offered input and advice to our current situation. She is very caring and has a Biblical understanding that leads you to scripture. Her time with us offered hope for healing. – A.J.S.

I have had the privilege and honor of receiving counseling with Dr. McCollum, and it has been life changing. God has used her in a mighty way during our sessions! I am a Christian and I love Jesus with all my heart,  but towards the end of 2020 I fell into a dark season. Dr. McCollum has given me many powerful scripture based exercises and therapy sessions to get to the root of my past traumas and working through my past tragedies with patience and grace. I went from a terrifying depression, I barely left the house . Now after much therapy and Gods grace I have my Joy back. My friends and family are thrilled and so thankful!  I made it out of that dark season!  Praise God! Dr. McCollum is very knowledgeable, as well as compassionate, and has love for her clients. She is a fierce warrior for Christ! I highly recommend Dr. McCollum for any struggle you or loved one are going through. God Bless you all ! – T. B.

Dr. McCollum really helped my wife walk through some difficult things and she grew so much during her time with her. We also did our premarital counseling with Dr. McCollum and we were challenged and very encouraged in our sessions with her. I would highly recommend her to other couples and individuals! – R.M.

Dr. McCollum is a wonderful counselor with a balance of compassion and an unyielding objective of reaching truth. I was so amazed at the revelations I gained in just a short time.. the layers are peeling faster with Dr. McCollum than they ever have before. I am blessed and thrilled to have found her. – L. A.

Dr. McCollum is such a positive influence in my life. She is truly anointed by Jesus in her field. She is trustworthy, loyal and cares deeply about each client. Dr. McCollum helps guide me into freedom and truth in Christ.- A. L.

I Love it. Dr. McCollum really helps me out a lot and going here is very useful to me 😊 I’m comfortable in talking about everything too. – T. B.

Dr. McCollum was extremely helpful, and supportive. She was there every step of the way. She made me feel comfortable talking about my situation and made counseling a less scary process. I am truly great full for the help and guidance she has given me. – A.L.

Dr. Diane McCollum is an AMAZING counselor and coach!! First, she isn’t looking to keep you forever – she wants you to work hard and get yourself out of your rut. She will hold you to your commitments and make you work hard. She is incredibly intuitive and smart – she will think of things that you didn’t even think of. If you work with Dr. McCollum, expect to work hard – and expect RESULTS!! – L. B.

I highly recommend her! Dr. McCollum  is very knowledgeable, sweet, and caring. Her wisdom through counseling has been very helpful to me. She also works with me financially which is a blessing. – R.M.

Great Christian counseling service for various types of issues. – D. K.

Dr. McCollum is fantastic counselor and educator. We use her in our ministry and she makes a profound impact on the lives we are ministering to as well as in the lives of our team. – K. M.

I have been truly blessed by her counseling! I pray that more people will seek counseling with her. – C. O.

Dr. McCollum works very well with children. Caring, comforting and patient. Very accommodating with after work hours appts. – M. A.

I recommend Dr. McCollum because undoubtedly she is a truly professional person, with passion for what she does, I can see that she loves her job. All the sessions we have done with her have been a great blessing, and done a big different on my family. I truly believe she is use by God to help those who need it most. – V.C.

Dr. McCollum is very personable and professional. I love that I can text her and get a timely response. She seems to show genuine concern for my family’s well-being. Best of all, she is an uncompromising Christian counselor so every session is right on point with the Word of God. She’s focused and compassionate, so she offers insight and activities to help my family heal without feeling like we’re being judged! Dr. McCollum meets with the entire family together and separately. If you’re serious about self-improvement and learning more about your walk with Christ, this is the place for you. There’s no long wait for appointments as Dr. McCollum is very flexible and accommodating to work you in according to your needs!
I highly recommend this place for couples, family or individual counseling. – A.K.

I recommend Dr. McCollum 100%. Going to sessions with her was exactly what I needed in my journey towards healing. She has a calming presence that puts you at ease and you truly know that it is a safe place with her to feel whatever you need to feel and how you need to feel it. Each session was closed in prayer as she sent me out to practice and apply what I learned. I’m thankful for my time spent with her and recommend any who need a helping hand. – J.M.