Spiritual Counseling

The impact of life crisis can create challenges in faith.  Difficult times vary in intensity from short periods of disruption to more devastating, longer term struggles with faith and God. There are no obvious boundaries when a life crisis occurs within the lives of individuals or families. What often goes undetected is the potential for a catastrophic crisis of faith.  Questions inevitably arise when people feel overwhelmed by a tragic life crisis:

Why me? Why now? Why this? In general, why?

This can create the disillusionment, doubt, and lack of trust in God.

A life crisis almost always precedes a crisis of faith because most feel abandoned by God during periods of suffering.  It’s like making a desperate call to God and getting no response.


Your life does not change God, but it can change how you view and relate to Him. (Isaiah 43:1-3)

The waiting period (how, when, where, who, and why) is when we are at the greatest risk of having a crisis of faith, but it can also be where faith can grow as the expectation, the hope and confidence that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do.

Goals in the counseling experience:

  1. Identify the characteristics of a faith crisis.
  2. Develop a healing strategy based on the life-changing power of an eternal perspective.
  3. Identify four biblical principles of responses to give you the greatest chance in not just getting over the crisis, but in getting beyond it.
  4. Learn how to apply biblical principles that provide help, hope, and healing.

A biblical perspective of tragedy or crisis does not insulate us from the reality of loss, or any depth of pain or suffering we experience, but it does allow us perspective, perspective influences response, response influences outcome 100% of the time!



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