Counseling Sessions

The decision to seek Christian counseling is sometimes difficult.  It can create some anxiety as it’s the first step into the unknown process involved in dealing with healing and restoration.  Some individuals seek counsel for daily stresses with family, friends, work, addictions, or emotions.  Other’s need to work through circumstances from the past that continue to burden them, and not allow them to move forward.

Counseling Sessions

Typically, session length is as follows, but can vary from time to time:

Teens – 45 to 60 minutes

Adult Individuals – 60 to 75 minutes

Couples and/or Families – 60 to 90 minutes

What Can You Expect With Christian Counseling:

Use of scripture, prayer and resources will be used in your session along with applications in psychology giving you the opportunity to find healing and restoration as a whole – body, mind and spirit.

How can I make an appointment?

Appointments are available in offices or via phone.  There are certain restrictions for some appointments that require “in office consultation only” and are not appropriate via phone/Zoom.  Determinations will be made on an individual basis in this regard.

You may make an appointment by:

  1. By phone: 678) 920-2608
  2. By using the “BOOK NOW” button on the dashboard of the site.  Simply find a day and block of time that you would like to request an appointment to be made and confirmation will be made to you within 24 hours of request. (Please note that you are booking within a window of time, so exact requests may or may not be able to be met).

Please send an email address that you would prefer to use for counseling communication and for receiving any new client paperwork/documents that may be needed during your counseling experience to:  [email protected]

** This email address is your responsibility in maintaining confidentiality.

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