Phone Counseling


60 minute session

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E-Counseling or any form of online counseling is not appropriate for the individuals experiencing any of the following circumstances: sexual abuse, domestic or any other violence, eating disorders, severe substance abuse or dependence, thought disorders, or suicidal/homicidal ideation.  These require a traditional clinical setting and must be booked through an office appointment only.

However, sometimes, situations make it difficult to get into the office for a session.  We understand that and would like to offer phone sessions when that presents a challenge for you.  Phone counseling can still be available for a full session length, as if you were in session in the office as needed.  Simply call as you would to schedule your office visit, but let us know you need to book a phone session and we will gladly make that time available to you.  Please call 678) 920-2608 and allow 24 hours notice for a session time to become available to you.

Occasionally the need to talk to your counselor may arise between normally scheduled sessions. I will respond to your call within 48 hours during normal business hours.

Please understand that if you consult by phone with your counselor, your rights to confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in the same way they are safeguarded while meeting in an office. You also assume full responsibility in making sure you are in a confidential location to communicate with your counselor.

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