Why Join a Group? 

Affiliation with others plays a key role in fight-or-flight responses to stress.  When group members face challenges, they work together as a source of support through:

  1. Belonging – members get a sense of being part of a valued group allowing reassurance that they are learning, growing, and facing issues with other people lessening the feeling of loneliness.
  2. Emotional Support – group members share and express feelings, thoughts, and concerns without criticism, judgement, or advice.

Many group members continue their friendships long after groups have ended and are a valid source of support when facing challenging life issues. 

Three Different Types of Groups are Available:

  1. Educational
  2. Healing
  3. Bible Study

Educational Groups:

These groups meet throughout the week or weekend of each month and discuss a range of tips and topics that are applicable to your every day life and circumstances.  Topics are always changing and new groups are forming often for your convenience and include children, teens, young adults, and adults.

Popular groups are:

  1.  Parenting: groups for parents of middle school children, teens, young adults & adult children
  2.  Gaming, Pornography, Sex Trafficking
  3.  Bullying: both on and off of Social Media (cyber-bullying)
  4.  Dating: both online and off Social Media
  5.  Toxic Relationships: Physical, Verbal, Emotional, Spiritual
  6.  Toxic Thoughts & Negative Behaviors

Healing Groups:

These vary from time to time but center around Women’s issues and girls issues during middle and high school, college and singles.