Group Counseling

Group counsel is different from taking a class as a group.  The group approach to counseling allows a small number of participants, who share the same circumstance, to encourage, equip and empower one another through different phases of healing or recovery.

The purpose of these groups is to bring both a biblical perspective and a psychological approach into personal problems, issues, habits and hurts so that personal growth can occur in a safe environment.  By allowing group participation, along with the presence of a pastoral counselor, different perspectives and ideas are learned from others facing similar issues.

The group approach is both successful and encouraged as a form of therapeutic healing/recovery as it allows the group participants to recognize that they are not alone in what they are going through.  Group participants often form bonds and friendships long after the group has ended.

Groups can also be considered as blended families, and large families with multiple members hoping to find resolutions and reconciliations from dysfunctional or traumatic family experiences.

If you would like to request a topic for a group, or host a group by reserving the group room that is available at the center, please call us to see what is available at 678) 920-2608.

Our group room can accommodate simple seating arrangements to allow more intimate, face to face conversations or we can provide tables for use with handouts or training materials.