Mental Health Coaching

An unprecedented number of clergy, ministry workers and professional individuals are adding coaching as an effective tool when helping people.  Why? Because those who do not need counseling or therapy, still seek assistance in navigating life transitions, goal setting, and working through moments needing more clarity, purposeful intention, and motivation to effectively make changes.

Coaching is different than counseling because it is focused on the present and future, not the past.

It is NOT:

  • Clinical
  • It does not assess problems
  • It does not create a treatment plan
  • It does not need the role of a counselor

It provides a safe, trustworthy, relational connection which supports clients in the process of rebuilding:

  • Self-discovery
  • Personal growth
  • Personal responsibility
  • Taking the next steps in their life journey based upon constructive and beneficial priorities

This enables us to provide accountability and clarification in building an internal plan of success based on personal, internal motivations for positive life changes.

Life transitions in many relationships and situations are prompting more individuals to take advantage of hiring life coaches to help them navigate:

  • Career/Vocational/Education/Business/Ministry/Leadership/Finances
  • Life purpose/direction/goals
  • Spiritual Issues/Development
  • Individual/Family Transitions
  • Relationships/Boundaries
  • Parenting/Aging Parents: sandwich generation
  • Raising Children/Teens
  • Alcohol & Drug: Individual & Family Recovery
  • Brain Health: Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Health

Several perspectives are available to you as Dr. McCollum is certified in multiple modalities of coaching platforms to specifically tailor your sessions to match your individual needs:

  • IBCC Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach
  • Certified Recovery Coach
  • Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Professional


Temperament Client Sessions:

  • All sessions incorporate the APS (Arno Profile System) assessment as a foundation in making life changes.  Assessments are available for children, teens and adults and are an accurate and proven strategy in assisting effective, lasting changes in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. 

Recovery Client Sessions:                             Brain Health Client Sessions:

  • Roots of Addiction                                What is the Neuroscience of Joy?
  • Relapse in Recovery                             How Thoughts Release Chemicals in your brain and body
  • Alcohol and it’s effects                        Learn how boundaries protect Negative and/or Positive Influences
  • Marijuana and it’s effects                   Learn how ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) effect thinking and behavior
  • Family issues in recovery                   Develop a strategy to promote newly changed Thoughts > Changed Behaviors
  • Motivation to Change                          Learn how destructive and recycling patterns of thinking interfere with recovery efforts.

“Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.”  (SAMHSA/ Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) 

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